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Applications for student enrolment may be submitted at any time and, as space is limited, it is recommended that parents register their children as far in advance as possible to ensure acceptance. Doing so also assists in planning and budgeting for the future needs of the school. Please contact the school office should you require any additional information or assistance in obtaining and/or completing the registration form.

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Did you know tuition costs are tax deductible?

Real tuition costs - an example from 2017:

A school family with taxable income up to $200,000 paid $8,960 in tuition for 3 children. They received a donation receipt of $8,960.

Federal charitable donation tax credit:

$30 (15% on the first $200)

$2,540 (29% on the remaining $8,760)

$2,570 ($30 + $2,540) is their total federal tax credit

Provincial charitable donation tax credit:

$10 (5.06% on the first $200)

$1,288 (14.7% on the remaining $8,760)

$1,298 ($10 + $1,288) is their total provincial tax credit

$3,868 ($2,570 + $1,298) is their total charitable donation tax credit (43.2% of tuition paid)

Net tuition paid is $5,092 ($8,960 - $3,868)
Clubhouse The Clubhouse Child Care Centre provides a seamless day for children at St. Joseph Elementary with both before and after school care. It is open year round from 7:00 to 5:30 Monday to Friday. The Clubhouse also provides Full Day and Half Day Early Learning Programs and the "I Am Special" Catholic Pre-school Program.
Immac Immaculata is our local regional Catholic high school serving Kelowna and its surrounding area. Immaculata was first established in 1960 and currently serves over 250 students from grades 8-12.