Student Support Services

Educational services are offered under the direction of the Student Support Services Co-ordinator. These services are designed to support students who have special educational needs.


Special Education

St. Joseph School has a coordinator of Student Services who oversees programs for students with special medical and/or learning needs who are funded by the Ministry of Education, as well as those not funded.

Learning Assistance

Our learning assistance program is a service designed to assist students with mild-to-moderate learning difficulties. The focus is on providing remediation, learning strategies and compensatory skills. English Language Learners receive small group instruction in English in addition to the regular Language Arts Program.

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Specific Skill Development

For students in need of basic skills development, we offer short-term direct instruction in a small group setting. This service enables students who are behind in reading, writing or math (for reasons other than a learning difficulty) to get caught up with the regular classroom program.


The enrichment program is a service available to all children in need of a challenge beyond the regular BC Ministry of Education school program. Enrichment takes place in the classroom.

English Language Learner

ELL is an additional service that enables English language learners to succeed in the regular classroom. The goal of this program is to develop the students' language skills so that they can learn and communicate appropriately with peers and adults.

Counseling Services

A teacher is available for students, parents and teachers to discuss concerns and work towards resolution.